Pravy Wellness


Pravy Wellness

At PRAVY Wellness We Strongly Believe that One who Step Inn to Our Centre Must be Well Settled with All 8 Dimensions of Wellness & That Can be Achieved by Good Health. 

We Do Have Back Up of Slimming, Nutrition, Pathology, Radiology, Stem Cell for All Class of Clients Who are Health Conscious. 

We are Different!
• Unique Concept for Slimming – Nutrition, Hair and Skin treatments with Never Before Approach.
• Lavish Atmosphere with Highly Technical & Skilled Staff, Matches an International Standards of Wellness Centre.
• Advanced Technologies for Permanent Fat Removal from particular Part of the Body (Cryolipolysation).
• Advanced Technologies for Hair & Skin Treatments Under the Guidance of Qualified Dermatologist.
• Highly Advanced Body Mass Analyser to Understand Body Parameters for Better Performance of Slimming.
• Nutritional Counselling By Highly qualified Nutritionist.
• Availability of Medical Professionals All the Time to Manage Technical Queries and Issues.
• Unique Design of Centres to Provide Excellent Ambiance to the Clients for Wellness.
• Design of Centres and Dress Code of Team are Similar Across the Globe to Ensure Brand Identity.
• Continuous Training & Developmental Programs for Each & Every Professionals Working With Us to Ensure Equal & Uniform Services at All the Centres Globally.

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